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New Release!

Death on the Moon

by Jeanne Maree Iacono

A Murder Mystery That
Is Out Of This World

"Iacono's novel illustrates man's future on the Moon will always be tethered to Earth by his own moral character."

~Glenn D. Considine, Editor-in-Chief
Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia
Tenth Edition




About Lunada Press, LLC

Lunada Press, LLC is a publisher of children's storybooks educational learning books, and chapter books. In addition, we offer non-fiction, poetry and art books. Lunada Press also carries Agro-Art and Travel and Places Photography.

Lunada Press publishes CHILDREN'S BOOKS that fill gaps in curriculum materials in local schools, and in doing so found its line of books timely and unique in subject matter. Our books have been well-received by teachers, parents, and especially by young readers in ever expanding neighborhoods.

Our line of interactive
LEARN-ABOUT-BOOKS and BEGINNING-TO READ BOOKS engage children as they learn about safety, are enriched by cultural diversity, and develop reading awareness and comprehension skills through imaginative stories.

  • These books are for children ages 3 to 12. These books are enjoyed both at home and in the classroom. Our newest Learn-About-Book, A Trip to Oroville's Chinese Temple, is a good book for sharing cultural diversity. In addition, our earthquake safety book, Andrew Makes a Home for Trixie, has been widely distributed.

  • Teacher/Parent Guides are available for LEARN-ABOUT-BOOKS.

  • Some of our BEGINNING-TO-READ BOOKS are also available in Spanish and Chinese.

Lunada Press also publishes MIDDLE GRADE SERIES BOOKS for ages 9 to 12. These books encourage reading and develop comprehension skills through the genre of mystery and imaginative stories.

Our YOUNG ADULT FICTION BOOKS deal with older children and teens in crisis. These books are now in progress. Continue to check our site for print date.

Lunada Press PHOTO BOOK SERIES includes a variety of non-fiction books that allow a realistic "field trip" experience for children as well as for their parents and teachers.

In addition, the PHOTO BOOK SERIES now includes ART BOOKS. Lunada Press also produces AGRO-ART and TRAVEL & PLACE PHOTOGRAPHY ON CANVAS as well  as PRINT format.

MINI POETRY CHAP BOOKS are now available and Lunada Press will soon 
issue Dr. Helen White's first book of uplifting
Inspirational Poetry

Lunada Press welcomes you to our site.

For more information about Lunada Press contact us at
435-632-8349 or email [email protected]

Or write to:
2510 West 237th Street
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The Inspiring Story of an Adorable
Doggie Named Dizzi

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2013 Mystery Days Winner!

"Mystery of the Golf Course Cows" Wins Fisrt Place
At The Artist of River Town
Mystery days Show

Congratulations to Jeanne Maree
and Lunada Press
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