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Coffee House Express

90 percent of me is broken

A house beyond repair

The ceiling is cracking
The floors are attacking

Wood sprung upwards
As if to grip you down as it breaks apart

When will you realize
Its time to leave

Stop using your stupid emotions

Use your brain
Your logic
Your knowledge

Forget your bleeding heart

I –
I am the cause of your pain

This house will only bring misery.
Please get out while you can
You must be aware.
It crumbles
Disintegrates before your very eyes

I beg you. Do not allow it to take you down

The work will take time
The work will take money

All things that should not be wasted on a house that’s needs to be decimated

It offers little
Need much more then some scribbles
Plans on a paper
Never meant for much more

Leave me on the side of the road
Where you are safe
Free from the shackles of a house
That can barely perform its most important, essential

The outside may seem alluring
Beauty that masks the horror

Don’t get involved
I promise
It will be all okay

The house will survive
At least for now

Don’t let it fool you
It’s not worth your time

10 percent of me is fine

I’ll hang on
After all
Gravity likes to take it’s suffocating schedule
Allowing the wind to push and pull
The ground to shake and startle
Elements to take their best shot at knocking me to the ground

Life will move on
Without me

Like it does
Like it will continue to do

I am grateful that you care
But put away that virtue
Save it away
For a house who deserves you

Not curse
Covered in grime and infection

With a house who is 90 percent fine
10 percent problems
Gives more than takes
Leaves less then it was left

For I am house beyond repair

Leave me behind



I can’t breath 

He said

Now we honor his death



And vengeful

We sit with this weight

The weight of his death




Hasn’t been the only one

Hasn’t been the only time

Hasn’t been the only son

Hasn’t been the only daughter 

This world has lost 

Because of their skin

Because of their body

Not because what they did

We morn 

We cry out

Our suffocated screams

Bring about

A Revolution

And riots

That tear down the meaning

The meaning of our stance

“No more violence”

We plead

Yet instead of focusing on a solution 

We fight about the problem










“Please stop”

“We are humans”

I shout

“Not bad not good, human

I am ignored

I am unworthy 

Unworthy to support a cause

As great as this

I have no say

And yet I say

“Stop, stop, stop”

“Please stop killing”

“Please stop rioting”

“Please stop refusing to watch”

“Refusing to accept”


I beg 

He can’t breath

But we can’t live 

till this is fixed

We can’t live 

Because he couldn’t breath

Text and photo copyright© 2020 RRA
















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